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Nancy Winn

I'm a papier mache artist living in my vineyard in Sebastopol, California. Lured by the challenge of constructing armature for figures, I studied papier mache techniques for three-dimensional creatures. "I can do this", I said aloud as the first striking shape emerged from the gooey process. Creating these critters is spontaneous, surprising, and extremely pleasurable. My subjects are typically whimsical animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and fanciful creatures. Armatures are constructed with steel rod tied with wire. As many as five rods may be used for a single figure. Smaller figures use a combination of wire and newspaper for armature. The application of newspaper strips and torn recycled grocery bags adhered with non-toxic glues and pastes adds strength and durability to the pieces.



Heddy  10" x 5" x 11"     Knickernotch  18" x 14" x 23"
    Heddy is featherd out in one classy outfit               Knickernotch - ever wary of coyotes            
     10" x 5" x 11"                                                    18" x 14" x 23"        

As an animal artist, I finish these creations with acrylic paints or use more torn paper or pulp paper to achieve textures that resemble fur, feathers, and fleece. Finally, they are embellished with bits of colorful fabric or beads. I know I have captured the expression of the spirit of these critters when I can hear one whisper, "Life is short, chase the cat".

My papier mache work was included in the Sebastopol Center for the Arts sculpture exhibit in 2003 juried by sculptor Manual Neri and in the 2005 Members' Exhibit.

Other fiber work, clay, and soft sculptures are shown at the Artisans' Co-Op Gallery in Bodega, California. I plan to hold my studio open with Art At The Source sponsored by Sebastopol Center for the Arts in June 2006. Also, I'm a long-distance member of the Pacific Northwest Papier Mache Guild. More work may be seen on my website: www.nancywinnsundawg.com.

  Rhea Giffin • P.O. Box 1151 • Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816 • USA • (208) 664-1691 • fineart@RheaGiffin.com

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