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"Musings on the Game" dimensions: 27"x37.5"x30"

Musings on the Game

Once upon…
Once a pawn…
Once a paw on…
A time,
Ever real and yet imagined
Musings on the game
Play upon…
A pawn…
A paw on…
Awake and yet asleep.
Seeking richer meaning,
Our analogous roots
Delving ever so deep.
Cunning as a fox
Reflecting how we think things through.
Sly and graceful as a cat
Calculating our every move
Wise as an owl
Preying, praying
For swift and subtle skill.
Ability to see through darkness.
To make our sacred kill.

Take a life symbolically.
Take a life just to survive.
Take a life for pure example
To demonstrate we are alive.
See the bigger picture.
Look beyond the board.
Layer upon…
A pawn…
A paw on…
In greed, in deed, we hoard.
But ponder
Pawn, dear,
On significance…
Cause without effect.
The holy, wholly, holey unexplainable.
What one must protect!
Strategically we travel.
Regal parliament.
Conquering each destination
Imposing our self-righteous intent.
Virtuously we group.

We gather and we stand.
We fight the noble battle
Our job, now, to defend.

Asserting as best as we can.
A different rule book in each hand.
Truly we are musketeers.
All for one and one for all.
But one by one,
Our friends, our foes,
One by one they fall.
A pawn becomes a knight.
A knight becomes a queen.
A queen becomes a bishop.
A rook is never again seen.
A horse of another color
Blurs the playing field.
Running, raging toward the goal,
Will we know when it is time to yield?
Our playground changes shape.
Will we be able to adapt unscathed?
What land do we ignorantly rape?
Who needs now to be saved?
Who do we make our enemy?
Who do we call our brother?
Will we tame and tether
This horse of a different color?

And so the classes change import.
Our status, not as concrete.
When beliefs crumble to dust,
The rules of love and war retreat.
Into the throes of lust
We may find our mighty cause
Has lost its sense of balance.
Therefore, one must pause.
Paws upon the landscape
Tread beyond such laws.
A lawyer seeks a hidden clause,
Watch out for those sharpened claws!
A wise old owl calls out its warning to the Knave.
Love is war. War is love. Which is more Insane?
I am but a pawn
Traveling upon
Imagined terrain.
Musing upon
A pawn
A paw on
This mysterious ancient game.
                              --Rhea Giffin ©2004
  Rhea Giffin • P.O. Box 1151 • Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816 • USA • (208) 664-1691 • fineart@RheaGiffin.com

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