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Be Herds of a Feat. Her (box) dimensions 13"x13"x8"


I feel. I think. I write. I dream.
I crave expression beyond my abilities.
I tear paper. I wad it up.
I tape it. I soak it. I wring it. I wrestle with it.
I curse it. I coax it. I layer it.
I smooth it. I add to it. I take from it.
I contemplate it, along with life and myself.                        

I discover and release the stories, the poetry, the horror, the hope.
We are shape shifters, the words, dreams, thoughts, paper, life and I.
We are recyclable, manipulable, transformable, destructible, salvageable.
Something emerges. Something disappears.
Layer upon layer. It is papier mâché in its finest form.
It is perfect imperfection. It is art. It is survival.
Through this ancient medium my soul strives to explore
And honor the subtle connections with all life.

Rhea Giffin • P.O. Box 1151 • Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816 • USA • (208) 664-1691 fineart@RheaGiffin.com

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